Senior Engineer in Test (f/m/d)

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Senior Engineer in Test (f/m/d)

Job description

We are looking for fintech enthusiasts to join us in creating the financial infrastructure of tomorrow. We are building the first European Investment API Platform to enable any financial institution to offer a broad range of investment products in their apps. Our view is backed by Europe's largest tech VCs (Earlybird, Notion Capital, ABN Ventures, Partech, HV Capital) and by renowned fintech entrepreneurs (including Maximilian Tayenthal, founder of N26, and Felix Haas, founder of IDnow).

We’re based in Berlin but would consider hiring remotely for this role. If you do want to move to Berlin though, we’re happy to support your relocation.

At Upvest, our vision is to make investing as easy as spending money. By enabling any business to offer investment opportunities, our goal is to empower anyone to invest. Today, we count 50+ talented people from 20 different countries.

Engineer in Test role

This is a brand-new role at Upvest Engineering. It will be a chance to come in, make the role your own, and potentially the start of a whole new team. We do not believe in silos and as such are not looking for traditional Quality Assurance (QA) folks but rather Engineers in Test. People who are developers at heart but focus on quality and testing aspects of the work. Therefore, a successful candidate would also need to be able to work with our Go codebase hands-on. This is not an average quality assurance role.

Your mission:

As a Senior Engineer in Test, you will join and take ownership of driving the quality mindset into our product engineering teams. You will collaborate with teams in setting up best practices, good test coverage and help them in automating testing processes. You will foster a culture of quality and security first, helping teams in building services that are loosely coupled, robust and resilient, secure, and observable but most of all testable and maintainable. You have a supportive and coaching attitude towards working with other engineers. You are a developer yourself. The goal is to have enough safety net for teams to be able to move to a continuous delivery model and be confident that all areas of functionality are covered, and even unexpected errors do not get missed. This is a role not belonging to any specific Product Engineering team but works on the department level collaborating with all teams. The role reports directly to the CTO (or a relevant Head of Engineering). You will be working on a greenfield project with cutting-edge technologies and no legacy code.

This role will give you the opportunity to:

  • Help build a modern Cloud native investment bank and API-platform

  • Gain valuable experience in a high-security, high-stakes and high-growth FinTech environment


  • Hands-on experience in testing at all levels from unit testing thru integration testing to end-to-end testing.

  • Hands-on developer experience at Senior level. Industry experience for 5+ years.

  • Good analytical skills and the ability to grasp a complex distributed system and its overall functionality. Ability to see the big picture.

  • Good people and communication skills

  • Planning and prioritization skills. Focus on what matters.

  • Stakeholder management skills. Ability to discuss difficult technical topics with non-technical stakeholders.

  • Taking ownership and owning the outcome

  • Prior experience with event-driven distributed systems

  • Prior experience with Cloud computing (ideally with GCP)

  • An understanding of security best practices and how they apply to software testing

  • High level of pragmatism.

Nice to have:

  • Experience working in the FinTech domain

  • Knowledge of our modern tech-stack (Go, Docker, K8S, LinkerD, Postgres, Kafka), SRE, service meshes, API gateways, and observability.

Why Upvest?

  • We are working on solving a hard problem: fixing the European securities financial infrastructure that empowers more people to be able to invest. You have the opportunity to contribute to this change.

  • We invest in you. From access to a personal coach, development budget and plenty of opportunities to grow in your role.

  • We take hiring seriously with a strong focus on keeping a high bar when interviewing (equally important is that we also hire decent people who are passionate about their craft and helping us achieve our shared mission).

  • While we are not fully remote, we are committed to being a flexible employer as we understand you do not have to be in the office to do your best work.

  • We live a culture of empowerment, trust (that we hire the best people and get out of their way) and openness (there is a greater advantage in sharing information than keeping it to ourselves).

  • We ensure we take time to have fun as a team. We are looking forward to having more time in-person again once this becomes possible again.

  • Everyone is an owner. Every employee becomes a part owner via our options program. We want to ensure that if the company does well, everyone who has been a part of making it happen will also enjoy the success.

Our values:

  • Learn and grow: We aim high to shape our future. We give and request honest feedback. Everything is a learning opportunity. Progression > Perfection.

  • Team first. We make it easy for others. We value different views, disagree, and commit. We win and celebrate together!

  • Own the outcome. We are proactive and finish the job until it is done. Happy clients > Sales. We take breaks when needed.

  • Tell the story. We always start with the ‘why’. Outcome > Process. We share knowledge to empower others.