Senior Talent Acquisition Partner (f/m/d)

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Senior Talent Acquisition Partner (f/m/d)

Job description

This is not your typical job description; rather, this is an open letter to our future colleague; the person who cares deeply about their position as a T.A professional, who knows and accepts the challenge of hiring in the current (tough) market conditions and, at a company that’s not (yet) a household name.

This is for the person who’s ready to get involved, to try different ways of doing things and doesn’t wait around for other people to find solutions for them. 

This is for you if you’re at that point of feeling too comfortable in your role; of not feeling challenged; or if you want to get back to the time you could still influence decisions and navigate the unpredictable predictableness of a Series A startup.

Sure, there will be things that also feel similar in this role. After all, you’ll still be recruiting, still searching and pushing to find the stand-out candidates that are so in demand.

But, if you’re the person we’re looking for, this will be ok. You’ll see the opportunity this is.To join us where we’ve already broken ground on the foundations of upgrading our recruiting setup that now require a different level of crafts(f/d/m)anship for the next stage of our build. To be part of an early stage company where paths are still to be created and stories made and told.

We’re interested in your past - it shapes so much of who you are after all - but more so, the future you. We care that you’ll be experienced enough to mentor and coach others on recruiting best practices; that you’re low ego yet still deliver high quality output, that you care about the success of the team over your own individual goals.

If by now, you’re getting that warm fuzzy feeling about this, then there’s a chance we’ve found the one. This is for you. We’d love to talk.

(this is us 💛 )


Now for the other important info.

  • We’re based in Berlin but would consider hiring remotely for this role. If you do want to move to Berlin though, we’re happy to support your relocation.
  • The T.A. team is currently 2 full time T.A. Partner (👋 Pietro & Maria ) 
  • We’re hiring across a lot of our teams although right now (Engineering, Product & Operations).
  • German isn’t required for this position but if you do happen to speak it well, wir freuen uns darüber.
  • We hope you’re interested in the role for more than just the money but we also understand that you still have bills to pay and want money to spend (invest) in the things you enjoy. That said, we’ll be able to make you an offer (including options) that you won’t be disappointed with .
  • You’ll get the hardware you need (as standard we offer Macbook Air - the M1, one), budget for home office setup and access to our in-house personal coach.

What the interview process looks like

  1. You send us over your application (sorry, still bound by the constraints of our ATS here)
  2. We’ll review this (typically not longer than a day or so) and get back to you to let you know if it makes sense to talk.
  3. The first call (which will be a Google Meet) will be focused on covering some of the ‘basics’ and getting to know you a little better. You can expect this call to be around 40 mins in total and will be the hiring manager **me**
  4. If this goes well, and we hope it does, the next stage is for you to share your vision for the role and how you will help us level up (case study). This will then be reviewed by me and a decision will be made on progressing to the next stage 
  5. Following this, the team would love to get to know you as well. We’ll set you up to have a discussion with them on “something you’re passionate about - with your work”
  6. The final stage is with our personal coach and another member of the People Team (this is what is normally known as the Culture Add/fit interview).
  7. We’re then at the finish line aka, the offer stage. By now you should have a good idea if Upvest is the right match for you, and likewise if you’re a great match for us 🤞.

Our values:
  • Learn and grow: We aim high to shape our future. We give and request honest feedback. Everything is a learning opportunity. Progression > Perfection.
  • Team first. We make it easy for others. We value different views, disagree, and commit. We win and celebrate together!
  • Own the outcome. We are proactive and finish the job until it is done. Happy clients > Sales. We take breaks when needed.
  • Tell the story. We always start with the ‘why’. Outcome > Process. We share knowledge to empower others.

Why Upvest?

We’re building the first European Investment API to enable any financial institution to offer a broad range of investment products in their apps. Our view is backed by Europe's largest tech VCs (Earlybird, Notion Capital, Partech, HV Capital, ABN AMRO Ventures) and by renowned fintech entrepreneurs (including Maximilian Tayenthal, founder of N26, and Felix Haas, founder of IDnow).

At Upvest, our vision is to make investing as easy as spending money. By enabling any business to offer investment opportunities, our goal is to empower anyone to invest. Today, we count 50+ talented people from 20 different countries.

So that’s it. What are you waiting for? Los gehts.